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Beethoven‘s Last Night

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - "Beethoven‘s Last Night"

ALBUM TITLE: Beethoven‘s Last Night

GENRE: Orchestral Rock

LABEL: BMG Rights/Tonepool

ARTIST: Trans-Siberian Orchestra


Bringing you into the right mood for this incredible event, BMG Rights is going to release Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s album „Beethoven´s Last Night“ on 15th October 2010 as digipack-CD and LP with a new cover and a booklet with 44 pages.

Established in 1996 by producer/composer/lyricist Paul O’Neill, Trans-Siberian Orchestrahas been inspiring generations of fans to rediscover the multi-dimensional art form of the rock opera.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra is music for fans of Rock, Opera, Broadway, classical enthusiasts, or someone who just enjoys a great story – TSO has the unique ability to bring together fans from multiple generations. With top-notch musicians and a visual spectacular Trans-Siberian Orchestra looks forward to bringing their rock theatre to Europe in 2011.



1.    "Overture" 2:58
2.    "Midnight" 2:10
3.    "Fate" 1:18
4.    "What Good This Deafness" 1:46
5.    "Mephistopheles" 3:48
6.    "What Is Eternal" 4:41
7.    "The Moment" 2:47
8.    "Vienna" 3:32
9.    "Mozart/Figaro" (instrumental) 3:17
10.    "The Dreams of Candlelight" 4:05
11.    "Requiem (The Fifth)" 3:00
12.    "I'll Keep Your Secrets" 4:15
13.    "The Dark" 4:27
14.    "Für Elise" (instrumental) 0:45
15.    "After the Fall" 4:35
16.    "A Last Illusion" 5:34
17.    "This Is Who You Are" 3:58
18.    "Beethoven" (instrumental) 2:56
19.    "Mephistopheles' Return" 4:27
20.    "Misery" 2:45
21.    "Who Is This Child" 4:33
22.    "A Final Dream" 1:54