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Moran Magal: Third Single ‘Tododo‘ gets us excited for ‘Under Your Bed‘


Abum Release on August 30 / Pre-order starts now

With the video singles Under Your Bed and Black Swan released earlier this year,Moran Magal and her band have already given us two powerful impressions of what to expect from their upcoming album. For the third time now, they are carrying us along on a mystical, even spiritual journey – again, with a completely different destination. Moran herself explains, how Tododo is one of her highlights of the album:

“‘Tododo’ is a haunting melody taking us back to our childhood memories and children’s games like 'hide and seek'. ‘Tododo’ is maybe the most epic tune out of the new album.”

But Tododo also has a sad story behind it: It’s inspired by the tragic death of the singer's cousin with whom she spent happy times during her childhood. Good and bad memories are united in the lyrics of the song. Hope and grief melt into one – a perfect example of the powerful storytelling that is inherent with Moran Magal’s Israeli roots. 



Tododo is amended by the choir Stimmgewalt – an a cappella group of twelve outstanding voices that reimagine and creatively arrange songs from the gothic-, metal and rock scene – and thus certainly partake in making the song a very special listening experience.

The now released video material is taken from the band’s appearance at Trolls And Legends Festival in Belgium and their album presentation at the atmospheric Cassiopeia club in Berlin. 

The full album Under Your Bed will be released on August 30th, featuring 11 songs and a bonus track. Pre-orders are possible HERE now!