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Free Falling Angels

Maryann Cotton - "Free Falling Angels"

ALBUM TITLE: Free Falling Angels

GENRE: Shock Rock

LABEL: Pure Rock Records


ARTIST: Maryann Cotton

COUNTRY: Denmark / USA

"Free falling angels" is an album sounding like 2012, but containing all the roots from the famous 70s and 80s bands in this genre. So you will find great hooks, fantastic musicanship and the combination between powering Rock, fine melodies and a dramatic attitude. So you will do very hard if you try to erase the songs from your brain's "save disc" after you've listened to them once. This means not less than "Free falling angels" is a great shock rocking catchy misterious unforgettable "poisoning" album!

Stefan Glas (Rock Hard, Heavy, Underground Empire)



01. Heaven Send For Me
02. Never "Waste" Land
03. Crazy
04. Get It On
05. Free Falling Angels
06. Night Train To Paris
07. Die In Britain
08. Miss Misery
09. Shock Me
10. The One
11. "Maryann"