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Mad Dogs Unchained: Successful first Euro tour over, free-to-stream documentary film!


Captivating insight into the story of the project

MAD DOGS UNCHAINED return from Europe and release emotional documentary

Mad Dogs Unchained successfully finished their first European tour and say thank you to everyone in the enthusiastic audience, who played their role to make each show a special experience. The atmospheric concerts at the beginning of the year will certainly not remain the last sign of life of Mad Dogs Unchained in Europe: they’re already working on new shows to happen in the not too distant future. Meanwhile the tribute band released an official documentary that provides a captivating insight in the project’s development, recent shows as well as the musicians’ personal connection to the great Joe Cocker. “Mad Dogs Unchained was born to keep the music alive” – how the band is transforming this passionate vision into action on emotional and musical scales can now be seen here: