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Of Loss and Grief: EMPRESS present new video single "Eventide"


Album Fateweaver coming August 19th / Pre-Order Now

In the course of the difficult last couple of years, many songs about loss and grief have been sung – the collective sorrow we all went through weighed heavy on our hearts, and affected our thoughts and actions. In any event, time has again proven music to be the one thing we all equally connect to, providing a meaningful foundation for everyone to emotionally rely on.

With their latest single Eventide, American five-piece Empress once again showcase their strengths: the symphonic power metal outfit manages to combine evocative lyrics and profound feelings with heavy instrumentals and spellbinding vocals. Singer Barbara Blackthorne’s performance enhances the sentimental value of the piece, which came together quite organically: This song was written during the height of the pandemic, where loss and grief were heavy on everyone's minds”, the band says. “Vlad presented the intro riff and chorus melody, and it instantly struck an emotional chord with the rest of the members. It didn’t take long for the full song to form, and not long after its completion it had cemented its place as a very special song in the Empress catalogue.”

The brand new music video for Eventide adds to the overall picture in the most touching of ways by telling the story of a beloved gone too soon and the eternal bond between two souls:



This proves once more that while scene giants like Nightwish or Within Temptation already dominate the festival stages worldwide, reinforcement is on the way: Empress, who describe their intricate and energetic sound as symphonic power metal, might have just begun spreading their work three years back in 2019, but have steadily gained recognition among insider circles for their unique blend of different styles.

Building on classically-trained singer Barabara Blackthorne’s powerful, versatile vocal abilities in seamless combination with Vlad Khavin’s composition skills, Empress manage to create a unique sonic world for listeners to explore, utilizing various vocal techniques, genre-bending segues, and hard-hitting riffs that force listeners to simply bow before Empress.

Thus, it isn’t a surprise that the Swedish producer Dan Swanö, renowned for his involvement with Heaven Shall Burn, Hypocrisy or Bloodbath, was put in charge of mixing and mastering their first full-length album Fateweaver – carefully entwining musical universes that invite you to follow your imagination and brightest fantasies.

Fateweaver by Empress will be out on August 19th, 2022. Pre-order the album now at