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Striker release new album on February 24th! All infos + first lyric video


“If you choose to change part of your life you need to go out and live it, not just fantasize about it.“

That‘s how Striker explain what‘s behind the new track “Born To Lose“, the first single from their new, self-titled studio album “Striker“. With the brand new lyric video, the band invites the fans to kick off the new year.

The band members themselves prove that they take this statement seriously by the speed they show. Since the successful setup of the own independent label Record Breaking Records, Striker has acquired the status as Canada’s fastest-growing metal band.

Not more than a year after the release of the award winning album “Stand In The Fire” in February 2016, the new, self titled album “Striker” will be out on February 24th, 2017.

The exclusive pre-order campaign on www.strikermetal.myshopify.com/ runs from January 9th to 30th, 2017. Orderers here will get an instant free download of the first single “Born To Lose“ – the perfect foretaste of Striker‘s epic new album. Along with the pre-order campaign, the band will tour the US and deliver “Lethal Amounts of Shred“ while supporting Sonata Arctica on their European tour from February to April 2017.

The lyric video “Born to Lose”

The lyric video for “Born To Lose“ shows the Canadians in a situation that has become all natural for them during stops all over the world – on tour, between beer, pizza and, above all, celebrating the freedom they emphasise not only in this track: “If it doesn‘t make you want to throw down and party then nothing will.“
It is not only on tour that the four live by the motto Full Speed or no Speed and manage to entertain the audience with pinpoint volleys made of energetic melodies and powerful guitar riffs that hit like a .50 caliber bullet between the eyes.

The new album “Striker”

The goal for the band‘s fifth studio album “Striker“ is clear: The focus is on what is important when it comes to placing dead-on Metal-strikes on the growing fanbase, as the band states: “This is our no bullshit album. We cut out everything that wasn‘t absolutely necessary and kept everything short and to the point. We pray at the altar of heavy metal every day, and there are some musical ideas that persist through time and some that don‘t.“

The album could be taken directly from the glorious times of heavy metal as the audience gets caught in the growing circle pit of catchy choruses and powerful, clean vocals. Everyone ready to jump into this circle pit will soon have the possibility to be convinced of the band‘s impressive development since last year’s release.


1. Former Glory
2. Pass Me By
3. Born To Lose
4. Cheating Death
5. Shadows in the Light
6. Rock the Night
7. Over the Top
8. Freedom's Call
9. Curse of the Dead
10. Desire