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MetalDays: new infos about the 2017 edition! Running order and much more


The running order for MetalDays’ 2017 edition has been published today on the festival’s official website. Do you want to know when your favorite bands will be playing there and how to best prepare yourself for the party season?

 Well, you can now check it out on the day-by-day line-up page of the website. Please note that this running order is preliminary and may be subject to changes in the near future.

The new map of the festival’s location has also been made available to the public. You can take note of all the changes and details by clicking here. Let us remind you that a third stage called “New Forces” will make its appearance for the first time in 2017! Besides, the festival team decided to renew the project of installing a camp reserved for the single girls attending the event, among other things.

Everything there is to know about the transportation facilities that will be set up on this special occasion, from travel coaches to airport shuttles and luggage transfers, is explained on the festival’s official Facebook page.

To sum it up: in 2017, MetalDays will be more enjoyable than ever before! There aren’t many tickets left, so make sure to get yours before they are all gone! You can purchase them at the following address and choose between several 1-day, 3-day or full week formulas at your convenience: https://www.mhshop-online.com/c365/metaldays-2017

See you on the beach in Tolmin!

MetalDays beach in Tolmin