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Power Metal Madness by NOTURNALL: Sonic Space Opera "Cosmic Redemption"


The crème de la crème of Brazil's science journalists and Brazil's most renowned late night host Danilo Gentili as actors in a scifi short flick around the album title track

After the rather intimate power ballad Shadows (Walking Through), NOTURNALL are now back with another, even more ambitious music video. In a suitably fast-paced fashion, the album title track Cosmic Redemption is set to put the power back into metal. Starting off with a demonically speedy yet highly melodic guitar solo, the song is indeed a deep bow to the crazy days of good old silly fast power metal. And it’s kinda paradox, too! Because yes, Cosmic Redemption bears the chance of making us feel nostalgic – but it does not, however, sound like new old stock. Instead, NOTURNALL take a transparent and clean, almost futuristic approach while maintaining all the warmth you need: Both the composition and its interpretation emit it en masse from captivating melodies, full-bodied harmonies and, once again, from the heart and soul that speak through singer Thiago’s powerful yet relatable voice.
So that’s what we have. Now, what shall we do with it? Hack it to pieces! You’re not being kidded, that’s exactly what our Brazilian pranksters did – and skillfully, too, mind you! But Why?, you might ask, and What’s the outcome? The answer is pretty straight forward, so everyone should be able to come to the same conclusion: SCIENCE FICTION METAL SPACE OPERA SHORT FLICK, of course! You should totally check out NOTURNALL’s brand new video, if the following statements apply to you: 1) I love metal. 2) I know some science fiction. 3) I may or may not suffer from meteorophobia. 4) I love me some good old-fashioned Lithotripsy*.
Alright, here we go – watch NOTURNALL take on a massive asteroid that’s headed for earth by performing a ginormous Lithotripsy on the damn thing, featuring scientists, o presidente, space travel and all the good stuff mentioned above:

*Lithotripsy: a procedure to treat kidney stones and other stones by breaking them up using shock waves.

Also, don’t miss out on the song in all its catchy shortness as the title track for the international release of their latest album Cosmic Redemption, which marked a pathway for NOTURNALL into global metal territory by the end of last year. On the CD, 13 magnificent tracks, including features from renowned artists, such as James LaBrie, Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater) and others, deal with the cosmic turns the world takes – on the micro level, as the struggles of individuals, as well as on the macro level, in the shape of corruption and battles in society. The term Cosmic Redemption represents the objective for each human to grow as a person and leave the world as a better place than it was. The album was written during the disruptive time of the pandemic and motivated the band members to keep going. And they did, as they even made it onto 70000TONS OF METAL for two remarkable shows with guitar hero Mike Orlando, who greatly contributed to the album. With their trip back to Brazil after the cruise, the band has closed the great circle that led them lapping around the world: Brazil – Europe – Australia – USA – Brazil.

Get Cosmic Redemption by NOTURNALL now via:

Track List CD Cosmic Redemption

1. Try Harder
2. Reset the Game
3. Lie to You
4. Shallow Grave
5. Shadows (Walking Through) (feat. Orchestra by Michael Romeo)
6. Cosmic Redemption
7. Scream! For!! Me!!! (feat. Mike Portnoy)
8. O Tempo Não Para (feat. Ney Matogrosso)
9. Take Control (feat. David Ellefson)
10. The Great Filter
11. Never Again (Bonus Track)
12. Hey! (Live Bonus Track feat. James LaBrie)*
13. Scream! For!! Me!!! (Live Bonus Track feat. Mike Portnoy)*

*The digital Release contains bonus track Shallow Grave (Edit) instead