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HOSTAGE: Video single Enemy


League of Legends, Arcane, metalcore!

HOSTAGE: League of Legends, Arcane, metalcore!
The good, the better and the misfits

What happens when a former MOBA addict who sings in a modern metalcore band gets sucked into an emotional hyperloop, on memory lane? A song happens! This is the case of Noah M., lead singer of HOSTAGE, and it all started when he laid back to just hang and watch Arcane on Netflix. His boarding station to the loop was Enemy, the unforgettable title track of said tv show, performed by Imagine Dragons – the one song that brought it all back: the stressful, hyper-engaging, unpredictable world of LoL, the friends and enemies he made and lost, the battles won, the battles we don’t wanna know about, the tactics that worked and the ones that went south, the accumulating ripples in that world caused by the people who fell short of a Noah in this world, and vice versa…

This is also the rare case of a song getting so hopelessly stuck in a creative mind that something had to be done to unstick it, deal with it and head on. So Noah talked to the band, to friends and family, the inner circle, and it all pointed to just living it out, doing a cover adaptation of Enemy, and demon be gone! But there’s more: “Since we got acquainted with Twitch streamer Ifa (Ifas_Core) earlier, and learned about her outrageous talent from watching her sing live on streams, the way to making this cover a very special one was abundantly clear from the get-go,” Noah looks back. “We simply invited her to perform Enemy as a duet in the studio. Fortune smiled on us as she got super excited, so we recorded the song together with our favorite producer, Timo Bonner, at Megablaster Recordings. The six of us enjoyed the perfect chemistry, which led to Ifa rejoining for the music video five months later.” A feeling that’s been mutual, as Ifa explains: “When the guys showed me their version of the song, I couldn’t help wanting to be a part of this. Working with HOSTAGE and their producer Timo was nothing but a highlight. In terms of creativity and execution, these guys are on another level.”


The result is a stunning video – already a trademark for HOSTAGE – and the truly captivating interpretation of a great song. The remarkable duo sends their flock of sweeping melodies skyward where the inevitable moment awaits, and they’re being caught and stomped back into the muddy ground by what could well be the most brutal yet elegantly crafted breakdown in the band’s history. A true anthem for misfits. 

Ifa and HOSTAGE will celebrate the launch of their second cooperation on Thursday, December 8th, at 7:30pm CET, with a Twitch stream @Ifas_Core. The song will also be available as a single on all platforms from December 9th, which marks its very first live performance on stage – in Essen, where HOSTAGE will play the Curtain Call 2022.


The first live dates for 2023 have been confirmed with many more to follow:


Metalcore over Münster (18.02. 2023)

Hell over Halen (04.-06.05. 2023)

Metalhornz Festival (09.-10.06. 2023)