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Moran Magal: New Video + Album "Under Your Bed" Out Today!


Moran Magal release video for Take Your Money together with album Under Your Bed!

Today is the day Moran Magal finally release their long-awaited album Under Your Bed. Apart from celebrating to see this project they have put so much work, energy and love into come to life, there is another important matter Moran and her band want to address by all means. And it partly has to do with their new video for Take Your Money that is therefore released today, along with the album:

“And we sit down, how blind can we be, when all the trees are gone, so are we, so are we”

At this point, everyone should read these lines with heartache. But the fact that issues like the one we are talking about here even exist, implies that there are not enough people caring – about our future, about our planet. No, it’s not our planet. We must stop acting like we own nature. There is no Plan(et) B. Moran and her band had to realize that with everything happening in the world nowadays, their song Take Your Money now sadly seems as relevant as it can be. Let’s let the artists speak for themselves:

“Nina Simone once said that as an artist, you must reflect the time you are living in and use it in your art. We live in times where money, power and greed are destroying nature maybe more than ever before. TAKE YOUR MONEY is about the destruction of the planet, animal abuse and ignoring what is coming if we continue treating nature like garbage. It’s the least gothic or metal song on the new album and could be classified more as folk rock, but TAKE YOUR MONEY is all about the message. This song, written and composed by Moran Magal herself, is featuring the vegan group activists and drum ensemble Drums over Knives established by Moran Magal's Brazilian drummer Marcos Feminella, who also arranged the drums for this song. Marcos Feminella and Ishay Sommer (bass) are both, among others, members of Drums over Knives. As a group, they often demonstrate around Germany for a better future.“

Drummer Marcos Feminella adds:

“We saw a great opportunity for a collaboration between Drums over Knives and Moran Magal – bands in which Ishay Sommer and I are both members in. TAKE YOUR MONEY is about the atrocities that humans are inflicting on Earth and its preservation and that's closely related to Animal Liberation. We worked on some cool DoK grooves and solos and managed to fit them to the song. We really liked the result! There's no music on a dead planet.”

Moran Magal’s Under Your Bed is out today and available on all platforms. Spread the word, and the music!




1. Always Something
2. Under Your Bed
3. Win Me Over
4. Tododo ft. Stimmgewalt
5. Go Dark
6. Black Swan ft. Tommi Salmela
7. Over My Shoulder
8. Outerspace
9. Reality TV
10. Short Time Happiness
11. Never Fade
Take Your Money ft. Drums Over Knives





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