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OSYRON’s New Music Video Battle of the Thames out now to Celebrate a Special Day


The most enjoyable history lesson ever

Explosive metal with melodic riffs – this is what we are used to hear from OSYRON. But it seems the Canadians got inspired once more by their country’s history to create some (this time) notably smoother sounds, honoring their cultural heritage.

It’s this focus that already made the band’s latest release Foundations an exciting Canadian history lesson. And it’s then only natural that Osyron chose today, 11/11, as the release day of their brand new music video Battle of the Thames, that makes you feel like sitting right next to the band at a cozy bonfire, pouring yourself some maple sirup while listening to the story of what the song is all about:

“It’s a historic and factual story retold within a folk song. This track recounts and pays tribute to the great First Nation warrior and Chief Tecumseh, who, along with the British, led a great war effort against the Americans in the War of 1812. Unfortunately, he met his demise in the Battle of the Thames in modern day Ontario during this war effort. A polarizing figure on both fronts, this song is a reflection on bravery and First Nation identity both within Canadian and American culture.”

11/11 marks a special day not only for our friends in the North West, who celebrate Remembrance Day. On November 11th 1918, armies stopped fighting World War I. Why don't we all appreciate this special day to have a closer look at our personal battle zones and remind ourselves of all the sacrifices, strength, endurance and heartfelt losses that our ancestors around the globe went through while our modern societies, in their infancies, were still struggling and toothing? Looking back at how we started the growth that we’re in today, it becomes so much easier to be nice to each other, even in troubled times. So grab a drink and pledge a toast to your friends via video chat to celebrate culture, peace and friendship.