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Demolition Exit: April Art Release New Single "Try"


Deluxe Edition of POKERFACE out on September 30th

One thing is for sure: the world is ready and it demands new rock and metal heroes! APRIL ART climbing the ladder of success steadily throughout the last couple of months ain’t a secret anymore. With impeccable force, the up- and coming formation has been hopscotching across the European festival summer, acquiring a number of new fans after international gigs with Dark Tranquility and Ensiferum as well as slots at renowned festivals such as Rock Harz (Germany) or Alcatraz (Belgium) – packed with the best album in the world. 

This is exactly what they aspired to create with their sophomore record POKERFACE; of which a Deluxe Version will be available on September 30th – and the latest single Try is a perfect attunement: “Try is basically the essence of the whole album”, the group says. With ponderous metal riffs, a catchy hook and raspy vocals in flirt with rap elements, April Art manage to unify influences from Halestorm up to Rage Against The Machine to create what they can do the best: Their own damn thing! This, of course, also counts for the album:

POKERFACE is about putting off the mask – especially towards yourself. All of us deal with deeply-rooted doctrines from our childhood every day, which are so natural to us that questioning them doesn’t even come to our minds. But when we are brave enough to look into the mirror to be honest with ourselves, there is so much strength within us. Also, we think that one should not focus on problems all the time, but instead on solutions and a positive, optimistic future full of colors and peace. That’s why the album starts off with POKERFACE, with putting your mask off, and then follows the thread until everything merges in the final song Headline, which reminds us of our capability to write our own headlines in life.”

APRIL ART managed both the songwriting and the production of POKERFACE all on their own – and thereby gave testament to the band’s  highest power: their independence – a signal towards the numerous labels who were trying to them after their initial successes.

As another highlight, April Art will play their very own headline-tour in Germany in autumn. “We are beyond thankful for everyone who already purchased a ticket or is going to during pre-sale – it means the world to us and the clubs, because this support ensures our ability to plan ahead. We just can’t wait to play in front of so many people, to have a good time and party. We are super-excited and anxioust to see what everyone will think of our new music and the shows, looking forward to seeing y’all live so soon”

Everyone who knows and has seen the bands recent videos will surely be aware of the pure madness they unleash on stage. Keep an eye on www.aprilart.de for further dates all over Europe.

Get the Deluxe Version of POKERFACE here:https://www.aprilart.de/shop