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Call Of The Wild

Sex Slaves - "Call Of The Wild"

ALBUM TITLE: Call Of The Wild

GENRE: Sleaze Rock



ARTIST: Sex Slaves



Eric13 – Vocals, Gitarre
Del Cheetah – Vocals, Bass
J/Bomb – Drums

SEX SLAVES are a living Rock’n’Roll machine. They have independently performed over 1,000 live shows in 13 countries, and counting…all without a major label’s tour support dollars, or corporate sponsorship. This is a band to be reckoned with.

Born out of the gutter and raised on a deserted street corner in the Lower East Side of New York City, SEX SLAVES sound like they’ve just awoken from an all-night binge of booze, ciga-rettes, and cheap sex. There hasn’t been one slimy dive in this whole wretched world that hasn’t been given a sleaze-pop makeover, and a hefty dose of sass by these three street walkin’ cheetahs. They spent 18 months on the road in 2005/06 in support of their infectious, bombastic, delicious, and diseased sopho-more album, BITE YOUR TONGUE, and two previous tours in JAPAN and the U.S. for their bright, buzzing, snotty, hook-heavy, self-released debut album NIKKI. SEX SLAVES have proven themselves to be a really hard working band, scratch-ing their way onto bed posts and into rock n’ roll immortality one gig at a time.

After returning home in early 2010 from two EUROPEAN tours in support of their 3rd release, WASTED ANGEL, eric13, Del Cheetah, and J Bomb are now bringing their insatiable appetite for pure action and reckless abandon to YOUR city – grab the Jack Daniels, quit your job, and join the revolution! …never mind the vanilla rock bands, here come the SEX SLAVES!!

Sex Slaves cover art


01. W.T.F.R.U.
02. Lose That Dress
03. Burning Bridges
04. My Black heart
05. I Wanna Kill You
06. Sik Fuk
07. Call Of The Wild
08. Get In Line
09. Rock & Roll Band
10. Let’s Make Out
11. I Swear
12. Cool Ride
13. I Got Drunk