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OSYRON present brand new single "Dominion Day"


Watch out for what you're celebrating!

Canadas metal hope is back: After releasing their critically acclaimed EP Foundations as well as a polished re-issue of their beloved effort Kingsbane, Osyron herald a new era with their latest single DOMINION DAY.

Beautifully blending the versatile edges of both clean, almost siren-like, and growling vocals, the renowned collective from the heart of Canada once again impressively proves their capability of thoughtfully planting straight-up hits with vivid characteristics into complex, symphonic soundscapes – while never losing their roots in the progressive fields of metal music.

Osyron have never backed out from the conflict-guarded past of their heritage, which they have already dealt with on their 2020 release Foundations. The EP’s blend of heaviness, soul and deep atmosphere fitted the band’s aspiration to delve into sensitive topics of Canadian culture, telling “the story of those who have been ignored for too long” – from Canadian troops in WW1 to the assimilation of the First Nations.

Stream Dominion Day: http://osyron.com/dd.html

Therefore, it is no surprise that Osyron keep on unwrapping the hardship of everyones past that emerges in the very current day: “Dominion Day deals with the celebration of events gone by, and what we still celebrate without knowing the implications that go with these events or the outcomes that are a byproduct of them."
Not only their topics, but also their music has been ever-evolving since Osyrons forming: massive layered sections, luscious hooks and stuff that’s been composed to break fingers on fretboards. The big difference lies in a sharpened focus. Everything about each of their recent compositions is meant to drill into the mind of the listener with no intention to leave. Blending symphonic and progressive elements, Osyron are back on the map to stay – as they have proven to be one of Canadas biggest metal hopes throughout the past years.

Dominion Day by Osyron is out now on all channels.

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