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Heldmaschine - "Lügen"


GENRE: German Industrial Metal


LABEL: MP-Records


ARTIST: Heldmaschine

COUNTRY: Germany

Goodbye sincerity, honesty and integrity! Finally, lying and cheating is allowed again: Following the 2014 album “Propaganda”, the five gentlemen of HELDMASCHINE will unleash their new album “Lügen” upon an unsuspecting world on 21. August.

“Do not trust any bomb that you did not place yourself” - that was German HELDMASCHINE's statement regarding their predecessor album which consequently was entitled “Propaganda“. Arisen from the infamous tribute band VÖLKERBALL they now return with nothing but lies (= LÜGEN). “Wer einmal lügt” translates into “A liar will not be believed...” but the band has a new ending for the old proverb: “...and if you believe ME - I will lie straight in your face”.

On the band's third album, Lady Justice herself has become a mendacious liar in this world – so who is left to trust? HELDMASCHINE certainly is. Raunchy, manic and teutonic as ever they blend brute electro sounds with heavy drums and guitars, while frontman René shouts away mid-nineties – crossover style. We hear world music style samples as well as Gerrrrman vocoder vocals and children in the street scream alongside a chorus.

Yet, to enhance this new overall wild HELDMASCHINE musical diversity, TEUFEL from Berlin based TANZWUT is adding his unholy lines, helping out René with spreading his lies. Fellow German rockers UNZUCHT join the party as well while duetting and contributing blood-thirsty zombie metal vocals. But fret not, with “Einmal ist keinmal” and “Schwerelos” HELDMASCHINE also present new ballads that will make you want to wave you lighter in the dark with a romantic smile... only until you realize that they’re actually singing about domestic violence.

To top it off, record producer Tom Dams (of Klaus Schulze, Karma and Solar Moon fame) once again lets HELDMASCHINE pay tribute to their own roots: This time it is “Die Roboter” by fellow teutons KRAFTWERK – and no other track could be more appropriate to end an album with: A fierce steamroller, paving away across those genre borders of NDH, metal or electro-industrial.



01. Collateral
02. Schwerelos
03. Wir danken Euch
04. Wer einmal lügt
05. Ich will Dein Bestes
06. Tränenblut
07. Ein Traum
08. Maskenschlacht
09. Einmal ist Keinmal
10. Die Zeit ist reif
11. Der Hammer fällt
12. Die Roboter