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Power Of The Night & Gutter Ballet

Savatage - "Power Of The Night & Gutter Ballet"

ALBUM TITLE: Power Of The Night & Gutter Ballet

GENRE: Heavy Metal

LABEL: earMusic


ARTIST: Savatage


With "Power Of The Night" and "Gutter Ballet", two more albums out of SAVATAGE's line of re-issues are on the market now. Each of both albums appears as a digipak with a new shaped design and liner notes by Jon Oliva.

"Gutter Ballet" stands up with two new acoustic versions of "Alone You Breathe" and "Handful Of Rain", which were recorded by Jon Oliva in 2010. "Power Of The Night", on the other hand, brings along two 1990th live recordings of the songs "City Beneath The Surface" and "Hounds".

Additionally, a special attraction is offered to all the hunter-gatherers out there: the albums of this line of SAVATAGE re-issues, placed side by side and in the right order, show a huge SAVATAGE logo. A highlight in your CD-rack!



"Power Of The Night":

01. Power Of The Night 5:12
02. Unusual 4:23
03. Warriors 4:00
04. Necrophilia 3:35
05. Wahed Out 2:13
06. Hard For Love 3:57
07. Fountain Of Youth 4:28
08. Skull Session 3:18
09. Stuck On You 3:06
10. In The Dream 4:10


11. City Beneath The Surface (live)  5:01
12. Hounds (live) 7:20

"Gutter Ballet"

01. Of Rage And War 4:46
02. Gutter Ballet 6:21
03. Temptation Revelation 3:07
04. When The Crowds Are Gone 5:47
05. Silk And Steel 2:56 (Instrumental)
06. She's In Love 3:51
07. Hounds 6:11
08. The Unholy 4:38
09. Mentally Yours 5:15
10. Summer's Rain 4:31
11. Thorazine Shuffle 4:42

Bonus tracks:

12. Alone You breathe (acoustic version) 4:38
13. Handful Of Rain 5:31 (acoustic version) 5:31