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HYPERIA Present Album Title Track "The Serpent’s Cycle" And Horror-Themed Video


The thin line between thrash and heavy!

After their lyric video for Prophet Of Deceit and their party anthem Automatic Thrash Machine, which they served with a truly bespoke video, HYPERIA are now swinging the axes for the final strike before their upcoming album launch.

This time ‘round it’s all about the rather complex title track for The Serpent’s Cycle, their upcoming third full-length to be released on November 17 – and what better way to do this than with a video that fits perfectly into this time of the year? The brand new music video brings us back to a more serious side of the band with a horror-themed clip filled with witchiness, death and occult-esque themes. The release is perfectly timed for the upcoming dark and haunting season that is Halloween.

The song will sound familiar to some of the fans who were already lucky enough to see and hear it performed live, as the band explains: “This was one of the first tracks we completed and have played it at a number of shows across western Canada.”
The Serpent’s Cycle is as much an analogy to our approach of learning the ins and outs of living a life as it is to how repetition makes us better at what we do, up to the point where breaking the pattern ever so slightly can act as a spark for our own creativity: “The title track of the album is about how we live the same life over and over again but sometimes we make a different choice which creates a new dimension. It’s your typical Hyperia song, fast, thrashy and heavy. It’s pretty balls to the wall and then releases at the chorus with a catchy melody.”
Sounds like the perfect song for a final teaser of what's to expect from their next album, that the band underlines to have finally settled into their own sound with: “It encompasses everything we’re about, taking aspects from our first two albums and multiplying them a thousandfold.”

After passing the live test with flying colors, The Serpent’s Cycle marks the final step into a new era for Hyperia and thus gained a very special treatment with an atmospheric horror-themed video that can now be witnessed (and played along to) on YouTube:

Check out the single here:

HYPERIA’s The Serpent's Cycle is out November 17, 2023!
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