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Striker announced for Bang Your Head + new video


Striker: Show at BANG YOUR HEAD!!! Open Air, new music video, new album record later this year 

Canadian Heavy Metal flagship STRIKER are confirmed to play the BANG YOUR HEAD!!! Open Air this summer. The restless Canadians are going to play a superultimate metal show on the main stage of the festival on the 13th of July. 

Those who don’t wanna wait that long, can hit the Striker channel on Youtube to see the guys in action. To complete their power run accompanying the successful album “Striker” they produced a brand new music video for the song “Pass me by”.


The release of the video clip is also some sort of farewell to their recent album, because the production of their new record is finished. In this light, the months ahead will be packed with anticipation for getting to see more signs of life or even hear some listening samples from the upcoming album.