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The Serpent‘s Cycle

HYPERIA - "The Serpent‘s Cycle"

ALBUM TITLE: The Serpent‘s Cycle

GENRE: Melodic Thrash Metal

FORMAT: CD/Digital

LABEL: SAOL/The Orchard




Marlee Ryley - Vocals
Colin Ryley - Guitars
Jon Power - Bass
Ryan Idris - Drums

Merciless, yet melodic thrash metal packed with intense female screams: HYPERIA is a Canadian powerhouse that portrays the insanity of the world in their fast-riffed songs. The old-school quartet delivers groovy terror melodies which invite heavy headbanging.

It’s finally time for the band to break radio silence and announce their upcoming new album The Serpent’s Cycle for November 17th. Dealing with the deep psychology of the human ego and narcissism as well as the severe consequences of our social structures, it still manages to show lightheartedness with two tracks about the joys of booze and partying – including a glorious cover of the HEART hit Crazy On You! Fans of early Bay Area thrash and neoclassical guitar melodies will love the band’s sound. Especially Colin Ryley's guitar leads and brilliant solos show the power to carry you through a record that holds some of the fastest and most aggressive songs HYPERIA has written to this day. The band pushed their limits, as they state: "It consists of everything HYPERIA stands for – shred, speed, and intricacy."

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1. Ego Trip
2. Automatic Thrash Machine
3. Prophet Of Deceit
4. Psychosomatic
5. The Serpent's Cycle
6. Trapped In Time
7. Spirit Bandit
8. Eye for an Eye
9. Binge & Surge
10. Deathbringer
11. Crazy On You (Heart Cover)