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Lunattack And Elephant Memories

ARTIST: Lunattack And Elephant Memories

COUNTRY: Germany, France


Inspired by multi-layered artists like PJ Harvey, David Bowie or Massive Attack, LUNATTACK AND ELEPHANT MEMORIES deliver a mellow yet forceful electro-rock-pop experience of its very own kind, with a moving insight into a resume that defies common patterns and pathed ways in order to let go of uncomfortable normativity. For Hamburg native Barbara Duchow, artist name LUNATTACK, voice and creator of LUNATTACK, that resume contains the drive of escapism of the invisible yet heavy weight of the German postwar generation. Duchow allows helplessness, anger and disappointment to take their respective places in her story – without weakening the lightness and love as the key factors of her musical work.

LUNATTACK is into dedicated cooperations with artists all around the world and has worked with various bands and composers, especially through Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios. She has now been known as the singer of the organically grown french band ELEPHANT MEMORIES for two years. Her visual soul is the amazing Arnaldo Gonzalez from Venezuela, now living in Hamburg, who also produces her videos and now the art covers for LUNATTACK AND ELEPHANT MEMORIES.

LUNATTACK AND ELEPHANT MEMORIES release the record Moon Kiss on May 28, 2021.


Moon Kiss can be pre-ordered here: https://orcd.co/moonkiss