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ARTIST: Osyron



What do you know about Canadian Metal? If you’re not from Canada: probably just a tad bit more than the little you might know about Canadian history, given how criminally underrepresented both topics are on a global scale today. Enter OSYRON, a quintet from Alberta, CAN, who decided with their upcoming third output Foundations (release: July 10th) to address the world and set things straight for good. 

Their music, which in the past was slightly rooted in US speed metal and heavily influenced by European symphonic power metal, has culminated in one of the most feature-rich records of 2017, Kingsbane. With the new Foundations they’ve come a long way – it brings back all the trademarks that this gang of extraordinary musicians, composers and sound engineers has been loved and praised for since their first album Harbinger: Massive layered sections, luscious hooks and stuff that’s been composed to break fingers on fretboards. The big difference lies in a sharpened focus. Everything about each of the new compositions is meant to drill into the mind of the listener with no intention to leave. 

After celebrating their success, OSYRON have prepared a surprising treat for their fans: Their 2017-album KINGSBANE will be reintroduced to us on May 14th as a Deluxe Edition featuring bonus tracks as well as remixed and remastered editions of all songs.

The latest maneuver can be pre-ordered here: https://orcd.co/kingsbane