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ARTIST: AnsoticcA

COUNTRY: Germany


Europe can get excited, in particular fans of gothic metal, because who thought that there is no movement in that genre anymore will get surprised by this new band. AnsoticcA manages to take new musical paths while at the same time using the strength of gothic metal. They come up with a debut release that contains everything that you can expect from a good album. Epic melodies combined with heavy guitars and a voice with a high grade of recognition give the band around charismatic front singer Carie a new unique sound.

The musicians, who have played in various well-known bands like Biest, Marya Roxx, Graaf or Respawn discovered their singer, Carie van Heden, at the dutch Rockacademie, where also Floor of After Forever got the possibility to develop her talent. For the recordings of the album the band could also get in company with Johan van Stratum (bassist of Stream of Passion) as guest musician. On Nov., 5th the album will be released in Europe via Rockfeld Records, a label that was found especially to push the album production of “Rise” and will be distributed via SAOL and H’Art and digitally via Zebralution. From October on the band is to be seen in the Netherlands as well as different cities in Germany. You can be curious what you will hear about this band in the near future.