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ARTIST: Assimilation



Everything was better in the old days. For many fans of the original death metal of the 1890s, every new band dragging a legacy the legends of metal eked out in years into the mud with their pseudo curried, glossy sounds is just one more punch in the face. With their new first full length album “The Laws of Power” that is to be released via SAOL on March 17, 2017, Assimilation prepare for a counterstrike. And this counterstrike does not only hit with full force but also with a accuracy able to shatter the bowel of every fan of what is called metal today. Like an elementary force, the voice of singer and founding member Jesse Jardine contemptuously slashes everything trying to thwart this band. The track “Personal Vendetta” sets the pace: Blood vengeance for a genre many fans have started to give up in the face of many late excrescences of extreme metal.

With “The Laws Of Power” the four Canadians clarify: There are still bands well versed in the art of the original uncompromising death metal that is hard to find today. Assimilation are going to change this – and drag with them everyone and everything on the way.