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ARTIST: Noctiferia

COUNTRY: Slovenia


For over 15 years, industrial metal band NOCTIFERIA from Ljubljana have been the lighttower of the slovenian metal scene. During this time the band, founded by Igor Nardin (guitars) and Uros Lipovec (bass), already went through some basic musical changes, that again and again proved the band’s status to be an innovator for stilistically often hardened metal genre. The band’s style ranges from the pagan black metal on their debut record “Baptism at Savica Fall” in 1997 to the technical black death metal of “Per Aspera” (2003) and from the rich and varied extreme metal sounds of “Slovenska Morbida” (2006) to the industrial metal presented on “Death Culture” in 2010.

Until this day, NOCTIFERIA’s career contained numerous shows and tours with famous metal bands just as gigs on Europe’s big festivals – and now the band is opening a new chapter in their history. Once again the band will blow your speakers with their brand new studio record that will give you an impression on how industrial metal has to sound nowadays.