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Hure meiner Sinne

Zanthropya Ex - "Hure meiner Sinne"

ALBUM TITLE: Hure meiner Sinne

GENRE: Death Metal



ARTIST: Zanthropya EX

COUNTRY: Germany


Schinder Papst – Vocals
JenZo – Guitar
Crox – Guitar
Lörk – Drums
Arez – Bass

„Bloody, morbid, perverse and brutal - We are the mirror of our time“ (Zanthropya EX) Since 2007, Zanthropya EX are marching throug the metallandscape under the leadership of the brothers Schinder Papst and JenZo. With the longplayer „Hure meiner Sinne“ they are releasing their fourth studio album in the genre named „Misanthropic Death“.

In the 7 years of band history, they where able to become pretty successfull, so they played several times as support for Six Feet Under, as well as on international ground at the Barge to Hell Festival (70000tons of Metal – Miami – USA, Bahamas).

In Europe they played shows on festivals like Legacy Fest, Baden in Blut, Metaldays and much more. For the fourth realese they maintain there style and the German vocals and they dont be deterred on their way. Through the multiple line-up changes in the past years, no regression revealed, - so they present themselves on their new album, faster, harder, more brutal and more honest than ever before. Just like the last album they are presenting a modern sound on the new record which is produced by Connie Andreszka (Mystic Prophecy): A sound like artillery fire pounding on the ears! Death-Thrash-Metal supported by a first class artwork designed by Metalartworks. For the band is the new record a worthy legacy, and shows that the German underground has much to offer.

Zanthropya Ex cover art


01. Antisieg
02. Leichenfeuer
03. Porno Club Olympia
04. Alltagsgrau
05. Brennendes Kreuz
06. Schwarze Flagge
07. Blut für Blut
09. Gottes Hand
10. Freiheit ist Krieg
11. Töte den Glauben in dir
12. Utopia
13. Sterbendes Leben
14. Dichter Nebel der Unendlichkeit
15. Verwelkte Unschuld