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Torch Of Rock And Roll

The Mighty One - "Torch Of Rock And Roll"

ALBUM TITLE: Torch Of Rock And Roll

GENRE: Hardrock

FORMAT: Digital


DISTRIBUTOR: Bertus / The Orchard

ARTIST: The Mighty One



Tim Steinruck - Vocals, Guitar

Gustavo Valderrama - Bass

Bob Wagner - Drums

The Mighty One light the Torch Of Rock And Roll

Torch Of Rock And Roll, while being a brutally straight and honest album, is The Mighty One’s most complex and refined output so far. Reflecting upon a life dedicated to heavy music with all the highs and lows, the awe-inspiring moments, the power trips and the heartfelt losses that such a commitment brings, it already hauls the load for a dramatic rock and metal opera. But receiving most songs and the tone-setting final touches in the year 2020, that left us feeling like beaten animals in their cages, borderlining between depression and the will to just break out and follow our damn purposes once again and forever, really made the difference, as there clearly was no room left for clichés. What started from a dark setting quickly begins to enthuse by the unveiling of the hope and purpose that – seen or unseen – are somewhere inside each and every one of us. The images that Tim Steinruck and his band are painting can best be outlined in his own words: “Sometimes we only find our purpose by looking at the wrongs and shortcomings of our own character, the darker sides, foul and rotten places in the garden, in order to refrain from them and start off again from astate where we feel lighter, kind of unchained and open for a better life, just in the mood to have a party without any cynical touches. The energetic, classic riffs and power-driven hooks are ultimately connected to better times and the jauntiness that we all started off with when we were young. Yet, just as our voice, they are shaped and tuned by the characters that we are today, as we have found our purpose that drives us and keeps us from mentally drowning. Handing over the torch of rock’n’roll feels great as it’s fueled by that fire of purpose.” 

Aspirated, refined, thoughtful, energetic and as dynamic as the accumulation of decades of rock can be: This isn’t just a new The Mighty One record, it’s a new The Mighty One.




1. Coming On

2. Torch Of Rock And Roll

3. So High

4. Disruptor

5. Burden

6. Master Of Reality

7. Darker Side Of Me

8. My Garden

9. Kickin’ Stones

10. When This Is Over