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Live 2017

Mad Dogs Unchained - "Live 2017"

ALBUM TITLE: Live 2017





ARTIST: Mad Dogs Unchained


Lead Vocals: Elliott Tuffin

Guitar/Vocals: Cliff Goodwin

Piano/B-3/Vocals: Mitch Chakour

Sax/Keyboards/Congas: Deric Dyer

Drums: Marty Richards

Bass: Wolf Ginande

Percussion/Vocals: Megan Wolf

His songs are evergreens, his life’s work is as legendary as it can only be created by someone with a brilliant musical vision.

It’s a vision that has entertained and inspired whole generations – Joe Cocker’s musical legacy stays immortal and unmatched in the history of rock, soul and blues. Today, a unique project enables us to experience this great artist's work live on stage again. As members of Joe’s band, Cliff Goodwin, Mitch Chakour and Deric Dyer were part of a success story unrivalled to date.

Under the name of Mad Dogs Unchained they now take the chance to revive the vitality of Joe’s music in the usual high-class performance. Although the irreplaceability of Joe Cocker’s voice is undisputable, the band found a singer in Elliott Tuffin whose heartfelt love and respect for his great idol shows in every second and octave of what he does. All this makes Mad Dogs Unchained an event for devoted fans from more than four decades and for a generation that never had the opportunity to experience this unforgotten concert feeling – for example with the whole family.



MadDogsUnchained Cover


1. Don’t Talk To Me

2. Cry Me A River

3. Feelin’ Alright

4. Delta Lady

5. I Come In Peace

6. You Can Leave Your Hat On

7. You Are So Beautiful

8. Unchain My Heart*

9. When The Night Comes

10. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window*

11. With A Little Help From My Friends*

12. The Letter