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Of Hooks and Torment: Rise Of Kronos Release "Boiled Alive"


Series of video singles supporting the upcoming album Council Of Prediction continues

Leading the way to Mount Olympus all the way from their native Hamburg, Germany, Rise Of Kronos have made it their mission to channel the sound of a looming new pantheon. And let’s face it – that sound cannot be anything but death metal. Olympic death metal, to be precise. The sheer brutality of the band’s accomplished songcraft is counterposed by an intricate lyricism which draws heavily from Greek mythology and philosophical traditions.

They create complex narratives that weave throughout songs and albums, connecting the past and the present in a frenzy of dark images and arcane characters. The eclectic artwork of their new album Council Of Prediction perfectly encapsulates this unique approach. In order to celebrate the upcoming release, Rise Of Kronos have got something very special planned: Following the episodic tradition of the storytellers of old, they’re releasing a new chapter from Council Of Prediction every other week, telling the tale of the very essence of man on trial before an all but vengeful god. Boiled Alive, the second song from this cycle, cuts right to the chase with its stomping and driving rhythms and a chorus that’ll have you chanting like a warrior in no time. “This song is unmistakable proof of what we mean when we say hooklines”, the band proclaims. “Boiled Alive is one of our most impulsive songs and an absolute live song.” A worthy followup to last month’s Cycles featuring none other than Britta Görtz (Critical Mess, Hiraes, Cripper).

The video takes you right into the brazen bull, a gruesome method of torture and execution said to have existed in Ancient Greece in which people were, well, boiled alive, their screams converting into terrifying animal sounds. That’s a perfect metaphor for a tortured soul if we ever saw one. Follow Rise Of Kronos now and don’t miss out on the rest of their epic, blood-curdling saga, with Divine Betrayal on October 29, Gladiator on November 11 and finally Allegory Of The Cave on November 26. The full album Council Of Prediction will be unleashed upon the world on Jan 14 2022, with a special treat for patient metal argonauts. The album versions of two of this cycle’s singles boast amazing collaborators whose unique voices add an extra punch to the already potent songs: Debauchery’s Thomas Gurrath (also Blood God, Balgeroth) sings Boiled Alive like it was written for him, and Divine Betrayal is given a new, brutal spin by Lukas Swiaczny of Stillbirth, Xavleg and Placenta Powerfist infamy.

Get it here: https://kernkraftritter-records.lnk.to/riseofkronos


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