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STRIKER: European tour + "Play To Win" album presale coming soon


STRIKER: European tour in November and Play To Win album presale starting very soon

Canada, land of maple sirup, hockey and Mounties, 'eh? Who'd have thought that the peaceful home of unlocked doors had a world invasion of the particularly rockin' kind in store? In order to bridge the gap until October 26th, when the release of their upcoming album Play To Win is due, the STRIKER guys hereby announce their Maple Meltdown 2018 European tour, set to take off with their buddies SKULL FIST for co-headliner in early November. Right now, the energetic bunch are, along with UNLEASH THE ARCHERS and HELION PRIME, in the middle of shredding North America into natty little pieces only to afterwards annex Europe with their then freshly released album. Speaking of Play To Win: Watch out for the album presale starting in the coming days. What’s in store for us this fall can best be said in the words of STRIKER frontman Dan Cleary: "It’s going to be wild!"

Tour dates MAPLE MELTDOWN 2018:

02.11.2018 - GER Metal Hammer Paradise (only Skull Fist)
03.11.2018 - BEL Roselare - De Veerlichte Geest
04.11.2018 - UK Camden - The Lounge
05.11.2018 - NL Tillburg - Little Devil
06.11.2018 - FR Lyon - Rock'N'Eat
07.11.2018 - FR Colmar - Le Grillen
08.11.2018 - GER Lichtenfels - Paunchy Cats
09.11.2018 - GER Essen - Turock
10.11.2018 - GER Mannheim - MS Connexion Complex
11.11.2018 - CH Zürich - Werk 21
12.11.2018 - AT Vienna - Escape
13.11.2018 - GER Munich - Backstage
14.11.2018 - PL Tichy - Underground Pub
15.11.2018 - PL Lodz - Magnetofon Klub
16.11.2018 - GER Cham - L.A.
17.11.2018 - GER Lindau - Club Vaudeville
18.11.2018 - GER Frankfurt - Elfer