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WHITE WIZZARD: new video for "Chasing Dragons" and festival announcement!


Epic new video and a date for German fans!

WHITE WIZZARD are finally publishing the previously announced video for the epic “Chasing Dragons” from their fourth album "Infernal Overdrive", which legions of metalheads are binge-listening to since January. The metal record, on which bassist Jon Leon once again proofs his songwriting skills, is commonly referred to as the band's strongest record. Loudwire voted the album as one of 2018's Best Metal Albums...So Far. Watch the video here:

After a handful of shows in the southwestern USA and the announcement of a London show (August 18th), WHITE WIZZARD are now revealing a first date for German fans: the US-musicians are playing at Trveheim Festival in Hallbergmoos/Munich, taking place on August 24th and 25th.