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CRYPTEX release 2 new videos of "Rain Shelter Sessions"


CRYPTEX release "Alois" and "It's Mine" of "Rain Shelter Sessions, Part 4-6"

While CRYPTEX’s new epic live trilogy Rain Shelter Sessions, Part 4-6 is finally available on digital platforms and the video of Eleanor Rigby swept us off our feet, it’s time to see and hear more of the band’s passionate recording process. “Alois”, the second atmospheric video to be released, is an intensely sentimental song as band member André Mertens describes the sound of the new Rain Shelter Sessions piece:

“We played Alois on our ‘Anthems of Glory’ tour for the first time in our new constellation and this song in particular created a special atmosphere in the audience which we also felt on stage. This feeling intensified and got caught on the new Rain Shelter Session. The lines that are harmonically played by cello and guitar bring depth into the song and the intense vocals in addition to actual choirs clarify the band’s variability and sentimental side.”

The third and last (but definitely not least) video of Rain Shelter Sessions, Part 4-6 to be released is It’s Mine, a song that enables the band to harmonize musically and personally on an extraordinary level, including and introducing brand new CRYPTEX drummer Luca Ahlers. His thoughts on It’s Mine and how he became a member of CRYPTEX:

“‘It’s Mine’ was the first of the three songs that we recorded and filmed in the new constellation in 2018. During the rehearsals and in the studio we immediately realized that we harmonize musically as well as personally in this line up, which will be visible (and hearable) in the videos of the new ‘Rain Shelter Sessions’. ‘It’s Mine’ is practically a CRYPTEX classic of the first record and impresses with a spheric intro, the throughout hypnotic groove and the energetic blues harp solo at the end of the song which once again represents the musical variety of CRYPTEX. Loud and pompous and also silent but not less energetic. The first time I interacted with CRYPTEX was in 2011 already, when I accidentally bursted into their rehearsal. Since then I’ve been following the development of the band, which has always impressed me and I’ve been sporadically in touch with Simon Moskon from there on. In December 2017, he finally called me to invite me to a session, and here I am. From a fanboy to a band member. What more can you want? :)”

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