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CRYPTEX: Very much alive with brand new Rain Shelter Session


After their epic live session trilogy “Rain Shelter Sessions” CRYPTEX are back to continue this one-of-a-kind project on a new level.

Once again the German proggies prove their talent for hitting our ears with unexpected mixtures of melancholy, progressive rock and a hint of folk in a mystic atmosphere – in Rain Shelter Sessions, Part 4-6 as a digital EP. With a huge amount of passion and dedication they accepted the challenge and interpreted one of the biggest bands of all time in their own way. Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles is the first new Rain Shelter Sessions masterpiece to be released as a video, which has a special meaning to the band. Just as they did with Savatage’s Gutter Ballet in 2017, they took a song and did not pointlessly cover it, but make it their own in a creative, unique way.

The statement of singer Simon Moskon:
"At first, the crazy idea of ​​approaching the Beatles music seemed to us to be very presumptuous.
However,  the intention behind it is ultimately completely different than just letting loose another Beatles cover on the public or even wanting to decorate yourself primarily with forbidden fruits. Rather this is to be seen as a tribute, a personal affair of the heart, to the greatest and most important pop culture band and their compositional work, which, thank God, is so timeless that their music apparently will never exceed the zenith. The Beatles influenced me already in my early childhood days and will always mean a lot to me! Accordingly, this project is also very emotional for me. We are quite proud of our version of this classic and find it, related to today's events, unfortunately even more relevant and contemporary than ever. So remember: LOVE IS THE ANSWER, DAMMIT! AND YOU KNOW THAT AS WELL AS WE DO!"

The new EP "Rain Shelter Sessions Pt 4-6" will arrive on all digital platforms both streaming and download tonight and during the weekend. However, early birds can hit Bandcamp already to either listen for free or support the band right away by buying the EP. Here you go: https://cryptex1.bandcamp.com/album/rain-shelter-sessions-pt-4-6. Two more videos coming soon. Spotifans, in the meantime, can pre-lash with "Rain Shelter Sessions Pt 1-3" on Spotify here: