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Gun Barrel

ARTIST: Gun Barrel

COUNTRY: Germany


Did you know that nowadays it’s normal for a band to forget its singer at a roadhouse? You knew? You like such anecdotes? And you also want to experience such abstrusities? Then you should watch “Gunniversary”, the first DVD of GUN BARREL! You can watch a band history carried together caressingly which includes comments of past and current band members, editors, friends and a lot of famous rockers and metalheads. Furthermore you can watch the whole gig played at the Kubana on Nobember 9th, 2009 which has a really great track list. As a bonus there are all music videos ever recorded by the band, some very funny outtakes and an introduction of all band members. And of course there are also some easter eggs, but you have to search for them on your own! GUN BARREL is just fun!