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ARTIST: Hatred

COUNTRY: Germany


Since 1998 the Franconian Thrashers Hatred creating Moshpits all over the world. After the success of their first demo "Fractured" and the following full-length-album "Soulless", Hatred signed a record deal with the German Independent-Label "Twilight-Vertrieb", "Madhouse Symphonies" was released in 2008. The Madhouse-songs "Caught in the pit" and "We are the Moshcrew" are well known for winning two prestigious votings. With the former Hatred got a slot on Asias biggest Metalfest, called Dubai Desert Rock. The second one was chosen as the official hymn for Electronic Arts' game Brütal Legend!

And there's more on the agenda: for example the guys played with Motörhead, Testament, Annihilator, Six Feet Under, Entombed, Candlemass, Opeth, Kreator, Lamb of God or Arch Enemy. Three Germany-tours on the bank, just as two Ireland-tours in 2010 and 2012. And above all a Dubai-minitour 2010, which was presented as a tourstory in Germanys famous metal-mag Legacy. Further gigs were at the Extremefest, Metalcamp, Rock Area, Day of Darkness, Way of Darkness, Earthshaker, Up from the Ground and Legacy-Fest. Beyond the band Hatred's singer Bacchus and former drummer Evil Ewald founded the "Queens-of-Metal Open Air" in 2006.

Nowadays the German Thrashers released a baby called "Destruction Manual" via the ambitious and young label SAOL and the press agrees, that this record kicks some asses: Metal Hammer 5/7, Legacy 12/15, metalnews.de 6/7, laut.de 4/5!