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Wolf Counsel

ARTIST: Wolf Counsel

COUNTRY: Ireland, Germany, Switzerland


In recent times, everyone has wandered dark paths – death, doom and misery have no longer been exclusive to occult spheres and mythical surroundings, they have become a part of everyone's reality. The more present strong and negatively connotated emotions are, the more important it is to canalize them – and let something powerful rise out of the ruins and shattered pieces of one's mind. The multinational band Wolf Counsel, based in the  gloomy and ever tales-enriching heights of Ireland, are about to channel their anger and troubled senses on their 5th full-length album Initivm, garnished with heavy riffs and diversely vigorous vocals. They have definitely devoted their hearts and souls to give their fans yet again a true masterpiece of haunting harmonies and complex arrangements. 

Wolf Counsel came into existence in 2014, when two veteran musicians merged their enthusiasm for monumental low-tuned music and great appreciation of ponderous bass lines into a new band. Primarily rooted in the style of late 70s and 80s prototype doom metal, their sound quickly developed a very unique and heavy signature, drawing in influences from everything that’s heavy and slow. The band members themselves name a few bands as their musical inspiration such as Solitude, Aeturnus and Cathedral.

In 2020, one of the two founding members moved to Ireland, which led to a nouveau and close creative collaboration with the new frontman Con Doyle. Wolf Counsel now lives on with the addition of new influences, a new voice and new inspiration to deliver more pure doom metal with an even heavier and more epic approach than ever before. 

Wolf Counsel promise to give a stripped down, true old school metal show. They don’t want any nonsense nor artificial images and no compromises. The band has played gigs all across Europe with bands like Procession (SE/CI), Epitaph (IT), The Order of Israfel (SE), Castle SF (US), Year of the Goat (SE), Obelyskkh (DE), Orange Goblin (UK), Dead Witches (UK), Iron Void (UK) and Ahab (DE) and will hopefully add new dates to their route very soon – because those songs just need to be heard live. They have the power to provide a mass catharsis for everyone attending.