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Rise Of Kronos

ARTIST: Rise Of Kronos

COUNTRY: Germany


Ever wonder what kind of music would shatter the banks of the Styx as Hades is toppled by new gods? Leading the way to Mount Olympus all the way from their native Hamburg, Germany, Rise of Kronos have made it their mission to channel the sound of a looming new pantheon. And let’s face it – that sound cannot be anything but death metal. With 11 years of experience and more than 150 concerts under their belt, Rise of Kronos emerged from the ashes of Surface with an even sharper focus on the unmistakable guitar sound of early Swedish death pioneers like Dismember and Entombed, recast in a modern, in-your-face garb that doesn’t shy away from hook lines and embraces its influences from thrash and progressive metal. The sheer brutality of their songcraft is counterposed by an intricate lyricism which draws heavily from Greek mythology and philosophical traditions. The band creates complex narratives that weave throughout songs and albums, connecting the past and the present in a frenzy of dark images and arcane characters, as evidenced by the eclectic artwork of their upcoming album Council of Prediction.