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ARTIST: Minatox69


In 2010 friends Fox, Bozart, Checco and Tado formed Minatox69, releasing the debut album La foca nel desserto the same year and adding second guitarist in Cupido to their ranks around the follow-up Hot Line in 2012. The next years saw the band touring Italy extensively with band members also taking part in various side projects and gathering experience before emerging back onto the scene as Minatox69 again in 2019, audibly matured, bringing with them a new offering in the form of the Zero EP and having signed up with Mad4Music Management. Released to critical acclaim, Zero not only scored the band various airplay spots but also enabled them to do gigs alongside Sepultura, Lacuna Coil, After The Burial and many others. Created under producer Stefano Orchid Santi's watchful aegis at SPVN Studio in Milano, Italy, their newest full-length Collapse (2020) presents a band exuding vigor, untamed energy and a sense of belonging!