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ARTIST: Chontaraz


The conception of the band CHONTARAZ dates back to 2014, when guitarist Ahkon and singer Chontaraz were re-evaluating their lives and searching for new ways to express themselves. And basically, that is what CHONTARAZ is all about: even in the face of adversity never to give up, to not lose hope, to stand your ground and to be true to yourself!

Set in an apocalyptic future of the year 2068, the band’s 2017 album “Rondamauh” told the first chapter in the story of General Chontaraz, a veteran of “The Great War” that left mankind in its desolate state, and how he realizes the need for a beacon of hope the people can turn to. He assembles a band of like-minded individuals and together they set out to give people back their inspiration and a cause worth living for.

CHONTARAZ stands for theatrical live shows from the band and exciting media content on social media. Even a new and original language has been developed for this world and can be heard in parts of the lyrics. Their debut received not only raving reviews from heavyweights such as Sweden Rock, Metal Observer or Scream but was also voted third-best international album of 2017 by Quebec-Metal and was personally recommended by Kamelot’s Thomas Youngblood! Collaborating on the second chapter of this epic, CMM and CHONTARAZ are setting the course to provide all of you with an exciting, inspiring and also thought-provoking experience in early 2019!