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Jen Majura

ARTIST: Jen Majura

COUNTRY: Germany


Jen Majura has a very special and lively vita as a professional musician! Reaching back to the year 2002, she has recorded with German legends like BLIND GUARDIAN und RAGE, is engaged in endorsements with Ibanez, ENGL-Amps, Cordial, Line6, Fishman PickUps and Richter Straps,  representing them with countless trade fair appearances all over the world and through clinics as brand ambassador. She also acted as guitarist of KNORKATOR and FREAK KITCHEN and former bass player of EQUILIBRIUM, leads a music school and, since 2015, plays guitar for the US rockstars EVANESCENCE.

That’s a lot of weight on one pair of shoulders but also a wide range of experiences to draw inspiration from – inspiration that is now sensible in every single track of her latest Album InZENity and makes it a tremendously versatile one without caring the least bit about the conventions of rules and genres. 

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