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SAOL stands for “Service for Artist Owned Labels” and is a division of our PR & Marketing agency CMM. Through SAOL, we help up-and-coming bands take their careers to the next level and well-established ones take control of theirs without having to make concessions.

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With our customizable promotion & distribution packages, we make a point of ensuring that the options we propose and the prices we charge stay flexible and affordable. Rising stars like STRIKER and CRYPTEX have already placed their trust in us. Will you be the next?

Choosing SAOL guarantees you a professional product release, while you stay the owner of your product’s rights and yet benefit from the personalized advice provided and action by our dedicated team. We have a long-running tradition of encouraging creative freedom and it’s not going to change anytime soon, since our goal is to help you put your full potential to use on a tricky market.

Our Services

1. Mediation for artwork and cover design

CMM is working with a selection of highly capable design partners that create top-notch work at reasonable pricing.


2. Mediation of manufacturing contacts

2.1. Benefit from our long-term experience with Optimal Media, Europe’s leading pressing plant. Through our handling partner handle with care, you can order CD or LP manufacturing even in smaller badges and at very attractive conditions.

2.2. You’ve already established a great relationship to a pressing plant? No problem as there is really no reason to sacrifice on the level of autonomy you’ve worked and fought for. Choice is yours!


3. Administrative tasks

3.1.Registration of the product at GEMA and major wholesalers such as Phononet

3.2.Distribution and sales statements

3.3.Physical distribution only: logistics and warehousing of product


4. PR/promotion via CMM GMBH’s network

4.1. 30 years of experience in promotion in the field of rock and metal

4.2. G/S/A or Europe-wide print online and radio promotion as well as lotteries and sweepstakes on suitable and significant platforms most relevant to the respective field of promotion. 

4.3. Professional creation (copywriting, proof-reading, revision, translation) of press releases, dispatched to all CMM media partners for a maximum of coverage.

4.4. Spreading of product-related information on CMM’s online presences and social media

4.5. Periodical reporting on the current status of the campaign as well as a conclusive report.

4.6. Please notice: Promotion can only be done effectively if the promo team and the artist work closely together. To reach the maximum in visibility for a product, the artist needs to regularly provide SAOL with news and information (i.e. new videos, tour dates, songs on prominent streaming playlists etc.). From those, amongst others, we create promotion texts and press releases for dispatch to our media partners. 

4.7. Optional: Planning and coordination of advertisement in print and online media. Due to long-standing working relationships, SAOL can get almost always get better ad prices. Furthermore, we can advise on selection of suitable partners.

4.8. Optional: Advice pertaining to as well as execution of social media campaigns


5. Digital distribution

Working with The Orchard, one of the leading digital distributors in the world, a factual and worldwide availability of the product is provided. It can listened to, downloaded and streamed from the US to Japan on Amazon, iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Google Play and many other online platforms. Additionally, the artist profits from the SAOL network, i.e. from having search algorithms display their product placed adjacent to other, established acts in the SAOL catalogue.

6. Physical distribution

6.1. Together with our partner for physical distribution (CDs, LPs, Tapes) Bertus Musikvertrieb GmbH, we have up to this date placed more than 200 releases in shops and stores..

6.2. When doing physical distribution, we only work with distributors and companies that are Hermes insured*

*Hermes insurance is a commercial credit insurance that protects against bankruptcy of distribution partners abroad and assures the payment.

6.3. The artist determines the PPD, the starting PPD can be raised or lowered according to the customer’s wishes.


7. Optional: Artist insurances

Advice for bands and musicians in regard to specific insurances via TRIO ASSEKURANZMAKLER E.K.





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