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Name   Wolfgang Rott



Email:   ceo@cmm-marketing.com
Skype:  wolfgang.rott
Phone:  +49(0)511 1699890



Without emotion there's no excitement!

About   The founder and leader of CMM GMBH. Having gained experience in key branches of the business like tour, record and publishing as a manager, marketer, consultant and brand developer for more than 30 years, Wolfgang knows how to sustain a great team to provide vision, creativity and the best solutions for his customers.  
Having kept his brain-child CMM on top of this rollercoaster business for decades, he also is a highly-requested “train-the-trainer” proud of housing a CMM family of three generations under his roof today.

Name   Sonja

Head of Promotion
Online Promo & Marketing
Assistent to Creative Dr.


Email:   sonja@cmm-marketing.com
Skype:  cmm-sonja
Phone:  +49(0)511 16998916



“I’m not insane. I’m voluntarily indifferent to conventional rationality.” (Jared Leto)

About   Live music addict and movie nerd Sonja is a curious mix between a dreamer and a perfectionist. As shown by her constant switching from the office to brutal mosh pits, she feels at home in many worlds. After years of linguistic formality at university and news desks, our esteemed phrasing expert can now freely put her passion for creative writing to a good use at CMM.

Name   Selina Oelsmann

Online Promotion
Assistant to Creative Dir.


Email:   selina@cmm-marketing.com
Skype:  Selina-CMM
Phone:  +49(0)511 16998917



Do more of what makes you feel alive!

About   While other girls pictured their future as a veterinarian or a teacher, 8 -year-old Selina dreamt of being a rock star or a soccer player. Growing up with the good old 90’s punkrock – she got her first Green Day CD in primary school – made her musical and creative side come to life and it hasn’t been tamed ever since. When she isn’t about to plan the next concert roadtrip or searching for a new travel destination, Selina is most likely to be found in the gym or somewhere in nature.

Name   Jay Lansford

A&R / Product Management SAOL


Email: jay@cmm-marketing.com
Phone: +49(0)511 16998926



“Gabba Gabba we accept you, one of us” (Ramones)

About   “Rock & Roll music represents freedom and together this is what we are fighting for. From the stage to the recording studio, behind the scenes and all points in between, experience, patience and faith are the things that keep us all motivated to keep reaching for our goals.”

Name   Robert Helle

Print Promotion & Marketing CMM
Product Manager SAOL


Email:   robert@cmm-marketing.com
Skype:  CMM-Robert
Phone:  +49(0)511 16998914



“We have now left Reason and Sanity Junction. Next stop, Looneyville.” (Jim Butcher)

About   An avid Musician with a range from 60s Folk to modern SID Metal, Rob has played gigs in and on nearly every stage, barn or even outhouse with an electrical socket in northern Germany in the past 20 years. An enthusiast fan of nerdy and weird stuff in general he is a walking library of the most obscure pop culture references as well as a database on bands, musicians and rock history. Having worked on different positions in the music industry from doing technical support at one of Europe's biggest music vendors to running his own guitar school, after getting a degree in music business administration he now brings not only a broad spectrum of abilities but also his very hands-on mentality to the team.

Name   Alessandro Lehnert

Radio Promotion
Club Promotion


Email:   alessandro@cmm-marketing.com
Skype:  Alessandro Lehnert
Phone:  +49(0)511 16998924



„Dem Auge das Äußerste zeigen, heißt der Phantasie die Flügel binden.“ (G. E. Lessing)

About   In addition to a passion for wicked music, our organizational talent Alessandro is an avid athlete and retired guitarist. His early interest in radio extends from classical composers to traditional big band jazz or modern fusion, funk and metal. His extensive niche knowledge of hard-rock bands of the 80’s does also proof his enthusiasm for a wide range of music genres.

Name   J. Morti Uhlig

Creative Director
Production Manager SAOL


Email:   morti@cmm-marketing.com
Skype:  cmm-morti
Phone:  +49(0)511 16998918



Art is the strongest manifestation of your positionality. Make it worthwhile, never hide!

About   The quirky child in a grown man's skin. Constantly bouncing between leading designers, texters and code wizzes to create a bulletproof narrative versus painting bold ideas on his inner canvas to keep us creative – Morti is always hyped up. In passive mode, he is an avid reader, DIY’er and a lover of old school thrash and death metal, doom, stoner, singer/songwriter, blues, indie, jazz, world music... Roll with him and watch your story come to life!

Name   Sabrina McElhanon

Assistant to Club/Radio
Assistant to Accounting
Assistant to M.D.


Email:   sabrina@cmm-marketing.com
Skype:  CMM Sabrina
Phone:  +49(0)511 16998915



Take a chance, take your shoes off, dance in the rain (Panic! at the Disco)

About   A rock and metal music loving gamer girl, rocks not only the office, but also the world of  online gaming. Swinging between taking care of the chaos of our numbers and radio promotion and still managing to find time to take care of the needs of the team, is like a miracle. When she is not helping out in the office, Sabrina likes to visit medieval festivals or loves to explore "Steam" for new games to play.