• Metallica – Vinyl re-releases

    Band: Metallica Genre: Thrash Metal Format: LP Label: Universal Release: 24.07.2015 Re-releases: Kill ‘Em All (1983) – 1LP Ride The Lightning (1984) – 1LP Master Of Puppets (1986)… (…mehr)

  • Iron Maiden – “The Book Of Souls”

    Band: Iron Maiden Title: The Book Of Souls Genre: NWOBHM Format: 2CD Label: Wanrer Release: 04.09.2015 Tracklist: Disc 1 1. If Eternity Should Fail 2…. (…mehr)

  • P.O.D. – “The Awakening”

    Band: P.O.D. Title: The Awakening Genre: Nu Metal Format: CD Label: Universal Release: 21.08.2015 Tracklist: 1. Am I Awake 2. This Goes Out To You… (…mehr)

  • Cryptex – “Madeleine Effect”


    Band: Cryptex Title: Madeleine Effect Genre: Progressive Folk Format: CD Cat.No.: SAOL 158 EANcode: 4260177741588 Release date: 24.04.2015 Lineup: Simon Moskon – vocals, keyboard, bass… (…mehr)

  • Larceny – “Into Darkness”

    Band: Larceny Title: Into Darkness Genre: Melodic Death Metal Format: CD Label: SAOL Cat.No.: SAOL 161 EANcode: 4260177741618 Release: 30.04.2015 Lineup: Oliver Gaupp – Vocals… (…mehr)

  • Cella’Door – “Dämmerung”

    Band: Cella’Door Title: Dämmerung Genre: Gothic Rock/Gothic Metal Format: CD Label: SAOL Release: 13.02.2015 Tracklist: 01. Per Portam Cellae… 02. Augenblick 03. Das Ritual (2012)… (…mehr)

  • MEGORA – “Burning Empire”

    Band: MEGORA Title: Burning Empire Genre: Heavy/Thrash Metal Format: CD Label: SAOL Release: 13.02.2015 Tracklist: 01. These Are The Things We Hate 02. New Approach… (…mehr)

  • Rainbow – “A Light In The Black”

    Band: Rainbow Title: A Light In The Black Genre: Classic/Heavy Rock Format: CD/Box Label: Universal Release: 23.01.2015   Info: The first of its kind, this… (…mehr)

  • Metallica – “Some Kind Of Monster”

    Band: Metallica Title: Some Kind Of Monster Medium: DVD Release: 12.12.2014 Label: Virgin/Universal Info: Metallica will be releasing a ten-year anniversary 2-disc Blu-Ray and DVD of their out… (…mehr)

  • Rainbow – “The Polydor Years”

    Band: Rainbow Title: The Polydor Years Genre: Classic/Heavy Rock Format: LP/Box Label: Universal Release: 21.11.2014 Tracklist: Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow Side One: 01. “Man On The… (…mehr)

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