SAVATAGE – Still The Orchestra Plays

Mrz 19th, 2010

Medium / Titel: 2CD+DVD / “Still The Orchestra Plays”
VÖ: 19.03.2010
Label: earMUSIC / Edel

earMUSIC, the international pop-rock label of the European entertainment group Edel, is proud to announce to have reached an agreement with the legendary US metal band Savatage for the release of their catalogue in newly remastered and expanded editions.

The first release for this renewed relationship will be the publication of the anthology  “Still The Orchestra Plays Vol 1 & 2” featuring remastered classics plus 3 new acoustic recordings never  released before (performed and produced by Jon Oliva in July 2009).
Available on February 26th, the limited edition of the anthology will feature the full 1994 “Japan Live” show, released for the first time on DVD.

VOL 1: 1. Power Of The Night 2. Hall Of The Mountain King 3. 24 Hours Ago 4. Legions 5. Gutter Ballet 6. Summers Rain 7. When The Crowds Are Gone 8. Ghost In The Ruins 9. If I Go Away 10. NYC Don’t Mean Nothing 11. Edge Of Thorns 12. All That I Bleed
VOL 2: 1. Handful Of Rain 2. Chance 3. One Child 4. I Am 5. Anymore 6. Hourglass 7. The Wake Of Magellan 8. Morphine Child  9. Anymore [New Acoustic Version]  10. Not What You See [New Acoustic Version] 11. Out On The Streets [New Acoustic Version]

“Still The Orchestra Plays” will be followed by the release of the full Savatage catalogue, remastered and expanded with bonus tracks, newly recorded audio commentary and extra material currently being assembled by the band. The running order of the remastered re-release programme will be announced around the release of the definitive anthology and the 14 titles will be made available to the fans in the new year.

Savatage and Edel enjoyed a successful relationship at the highest point of Savatage artistic and commercial success with the release of albums like “The Wake Of Magellan” or “Dead Winter Dead” albums that charted all over Europe, before metal had become mainstream and easy to find in the charts like it is today.  Jon Oliva has commented: “I’m so excited to give the fans the proper representation of all these albums. For them to be own them as they were meant to be heard and seen makes me very happy”