BODY COUNT – “Murder For Hire”

Jul 28th, 2006

Media / Title: CD / “Murder For Hire”
Release: 28.07.2006
Label: Escapi / Edel

Mastermind Ice-T did never mince his words and he is not going to do that on the upcoming brand new BODY COUNT studio release “Murder 4 Hire”, because there are always topics to write songs about for the musician and actor, who lives in New York.

Ice-T already deals in the opening song “Invincible Gangsta” with the unfortunately common criminal madness on the streets. Of course he fulminates in habitual manner against the law and starts the fight against organised religious groups in “The Passion Of The Christ”, while “Dirty Bomb” describes the bitter reality in a world after 9/11.

Beside shouter Ice-T and lead guitarist Ernie C, who are the last remaining founding members of BODY COUNT, the band is now completed by OT on drums, Bendrix on rhythm guitar and bass player Vincent Price. And BODY COUNT have great plans with their latest work “Murder 4 Hire”, as Ice-T points out: “We´re gonna come back, run through some of these metal clubs, and show these motherfuckers one thing or two.”