V.A. “Full Metal Juke Box Vol. I”

Mar 23rd, 2007

Band: V.A.
Title: Double-CD / “Full Metal Juke Box Vol. I”
Release Date:
March 23rd, 2007
Label: ZYX

Three double-CDs will be released, all of them entitled „Full Metal Juke Box“, but each one is treating a different musical conviction of the multi-faceted and renowned festival Wacken: From Hard Rock to Powermetal, from Thrash to Death Metal as well as Black Metal.

As this sampler exclusively contains bands which have already played on the WACKEN OPEN AIR, it is the perfect music to either look back on the recent festivals or to prepare for the upcoming W:O:A 2007.

On March 23rd, Vol. I (Hard Rock to Power Metal) has been released, the following double CDs will be released later on. International megasellers like Blind Guardian, Candlemass, Nevermore, Doro, Edguy, Hammerfall, Iced Earth, Metal Church, Motörhead, Rage, Rose Tattoo, Saxon, U.D.O. and Helloween are part of the CDs.