V.A. – “Bikers Paradise”

May 11th, 2007

Band: V.A.
Title: 3-CD / “Bikers Paradise”
Release Date: May 11th, 2007
Membran/H´Art Music

A unique collection of the best and most beautiful rock classics for all motobike-riders is “Bikers Paradise”, a 3-CD compilation, effectively compiled on three thematically divided CDs.Wheel 1 – „The Hard Ride“ – starts off with the legendary Intro of SIR EDWARDs „A Man With A Harley“ and makes clear that this part of the collection is pure hard rock. Pure adrenaline for your ears and speakers from bands like MOTÖRHEAD, TWISTED SISTER, ZZ TOP, DIO und SAXON will rock every party.

In contrast to this, the best rock ballads can be found on Wheel 2 „The Soft Side“. True freeway-feeling arises when songs from bands like MR.BIG, FOREIGNER, URIAH HEEP, KANSAS and BLACKFOOT run through your ears. Wheel 3 „The Classics“ is the consequential end of this trilogy. Here, the biggest bands ever of Rock`n`Roll come together, and classic rock songs like “Rockin` all over the world” from Status Quo, “Cats in the cradle” from UGLY KID JOE as well as songs from the ALLMAN BROTHERS, BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW, DEEP PURPLE, UFO and BILLY IDOL are featured.
Bikers Paradise is a high-quality fanbox with a great song selection and has appropriately been released to the beginning of the touring season. Two versions of this CD-box can be bought: On the one hand, you can choose a black slipcase, on the other hand you can choose a limited special edition which is a genuine replica of a Motorcycle handbar-bag! This version guarantees an additional secondary value as an extra to the music, is a must for fans and will probably become a sought-after collector’s item.