U.D.O. – “Mastercutor Alive”

Sep 26th, 2008

Band: U.D.O
Medium / Titel: CD / “Mastercutor Alive”
Release Date: 26.09.2008
Label: Goldencore / ZYX

in 1987, almost one year after the release of the album „Russian Roulette“, the Accept musicians have been „worn down“ (quote U.D.O. guitarist Stefan Kaufmann) by the verbal attacks of the guys in suits – and part with their musical figurehead. For Accept this consequently means a fast decline whereas for Udo Dirkschneider it is the start of an impressive solo career.

Already with his legendary debut „Animal House“ which was released in 1987 – especially with the title song also included on the current concert recording „Mastercutor Alive“ and the beautiful, emotional and profound anthem „They Want War“ – the frontman with the barbwire vocal chords proves that his band U.D.O. meanwhile sound more like Accept than Accept itself. And the successive albums „Mean Machine“ (1989), „Faceless World“ (1990) and „Timebomb“ (1991) definitely establish Dirkschneider & Co. as the only legitimate „keeper of the Grail“ concerning the artistic accomplishments of his faded ex-combo.

Naturally, classics from Dirkschneiders Accept era must not be missing in the jubilee review. After all it is thanks to „our Udo“ and his exceptional interpretation that fans as well as music critics respectfully regard hits like „Midnight Highway“, „Living For Tonight“ and „Midnight Mover“, headbangers like „Breaker“ and „Fast As A Shark“, the dark and almost doomy „Princess Of The Dawn“, the beautiful ballad „Winterdreams“, the classically inspired „Metal Heart“ or the unruly groovy „Balls To The Wall“ as „classics“. Honestly: What would a birthday party be like without these golden oldies?