TURBONEGRO – “Ass Cobra” (ReRelease)

Nov 30th, 2007

Title: CD / “Ass Cobra” (ReRelease)
Release Date: November 30th, 2007
Label: Edel


There is no band which has caused as much chaos and depredation as these six slant men from Norway. Everywhere, amazement and confusion is guaranteed when Blue-Denim-Outfits, sailors costumes and pseudo-gay lyrics enter the stage.Their very own musical “dream-cocktail” is a mixture of the complete spectrum from Classic Rock to Metal in an absolutely remorseless way; the band itself describes it as Deathpunk. With the re-release of the albums “Hot Cars And Spent Contraceptives”, “Never Is Forever”, “Ass Cobra”, “Apocalypse Dudes” and “Darkness Forever”, the fans can relive more than then years of Turbonegro history in a new form. As a very special extra there are several bonus tracks on all albums, which have never been released before.

The album ‘Ass Cobra’ from ’96 includes the songs ‘Sailor Men’, ‘Denim Demon (I Am A Saint For Seamen)’ and ‘I Got Erection’. These songs will let the hearts of the fans beat faster.