The Waking Eyes – “Videosound”

Jan 27th, 2006

Artist: The Waking Eyes
Media / Title: CD / “Videosound”
Release: 27.01.2006
Label: INKUBATOR / Warner / Soulfood

THE WAKING EYES from Winnipeg play melodic Garage Rock with Art Rock influences, which might be placed somewhere between Weezer, the Beatles and Nirvana. After their first album “Combing The Clouds” (2002) und the CD “Love And War (The Pets)” (2004), the next longplayer named “Video Sound” will probably be released in Germany at the end of January. And in case everything works out fine, we’ll get to see them live on stage already this year…


01. Watch Your Money
02. Beginning
03. Move On
04. On A Train
05. Headlights
06. Waiting
07. Takin’ The Hard Way
08. More Than What You’re Givin’
09. But I Already Have It
10. Get Up Easy
11. If You Know Why