THE SYN – “Syndestructible”

Nov 4th, 2005

Artist: THE SYN
Media / Title: CD / “Syndestructible”
Release: 04.11.2005
Label: Insideout Music SPV

Before YES there were THE SYN. “Syndestructible” is the new album of the legendary pre-Yes Prog-Rock pioneers THE SYN. The band consists of YES-bassman Chris Squire and original singer Steve Nardelli together with the well-known musicians Gerard Johnson, Paul Stacey and Jeremy Stacey.
The result of this teamwork is an astonishing album which will be part of the Prog-renewal and is expected to receive only the best reviews.
The title “Cathedral Of Love” already is described as a masterpiece and is actually the most demanded title of the american Prog-Rock radio stations.
This is the album the YES-fans waited for more than 20 years.


1. Breaking Down Walls (Nardelli, Squire, Stacey)
2. Some Time, Some Way (Nardelli, Squire, Stacey, Johnson)
3. Reach Outro (Nardelli, Squire, Stacey, Johnson)
4. Cathedral of Love (Nardelli, Squire, Johnson, Brewer)
5. City of Dreams (Nardelli, Squire)
6. Golden Age (Nardelli, Squire)
7. The Promise (Nardelli, Squire, Stacey, Johnson)